Academic Research

Refereed Academic Publications

“The Labor Market Effects of Mexican Repatriations: Longitudinal Evidence from the 1930s”

“The Role of Labor Market Institutions in the Impact of Immigration on Wages and Employment”
  • co-authored with Mette Foged and Linea Hasager
  • Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2022) 124(1), 164-213
  • latest version; IPL WP #19-07, IZA DP #14158, CReAM DP #07/21
  • replication package
  • Main takeaway: Labor market institutions may reduce the wage inequality effect of immigration while weakening the associated economic benefits.

“Does Halting Refugee Resettlement Reduce Crime? Evidence from the US Refugee Ban” (2020)

“Association between Health Care Utilization and Immigration Enforcement Events in San Francisco”

“Public Health Insurance Expansion for Immigrant Children and Interstate Migration of Low-income Immigrants”

“Standardizing the Fee-Waiver Application Increased Naturalization Rates of Low-Income Immigrants”

“Does Schedule Irregularity Affect Productivity? Evidence from Random Assignment into College Classes”

  • co-authored with Lester Lusher and Phuc Luong
  • Labour Economics Vol 60, pp115-128 (2019)
  • latest version; IZA DP #11079
  • replication package
  • Main takeaway: More volatile school start schedules throughout the week do not lead to lower college test scores.

“The Labor Market Effects of a Refugee Wave: Synthetic Control Method Meets the Mariel Boatlift”

“Gender Performance Gaps: Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Role of Gender Differences in Sleep Cycles”

“Double-Shift Schooling and Student Success: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Europe”

Other Publications

“Immigration in Local US Economies was Associated with Strong Native Wage Growth for 40 Years”

“New Evidence on Immigration and Jobs”

Academic Working Papers

NEW: “Does Access to Citizenship Confer Socioeconomic Returns? Evidence from a Randomized Control Design”

  • co-authored with J. Hainmueller, E. Cascardi, M. Hotard, R. Koslowski, D. Lawrence, and D. Laitin
  • latest version: IZA DP #16173, IPL WP #23-01
  • pre-analysis plan #1, #2
  • funded by Robin Hood and the The New York Community Trust
  • Main takeaway: Access to citizenship among low-income green card holders did not lead to socioeconomic benefits.

“Identifying Opportunities to Improve the Network of Immigration Legal Services Providers”

  • lead author; co-authored with D. Hausman, M. Hotard, D. Lawrence, A. Siegel, J. Wolff, D. Laitin, and J. Hainmueller
  • latest version; IPL WP #20-07
  • Main takeaway: We assemble and analyze the first comprehensive database of 2,138 geocoded immigration legal service providers in the US.

“Automated Chat Application Surveys Using WhatsApp”

  • co-authored with J. Fei, J. Wolf, M. Hotard, H. Ingham, S. Khanna, D. Lawrence, B. Tesfaye, J. Weinstein, and J. Hainmueller
  • latest version; IZA DP #15263; Stanford King Center WP #2015
  • Main takeaway: WhatsApp offers an alternative to traditional data collection methods that minimizes costs and enables continued engagement, especially with mobile populations.

“Association between Parents’ Nativity Status and Influenza Vaccination Rates among Children”

  • co-authored with M. Hotard, D. Lawrence, and J. Hainmueller
  • latest version; IZA DP #14,746
  • Main takeaway: Children with at least one immigrant parent are more likely to receive the influenza vaccine compared to their counterparts with native-born parents.

“Who Can Work from Home?”

“Immigrants and the US Wage Distribution”

  • latest version: Upjohn Institute WP #20-320
  • funded by the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research and the US 2050 Initiative of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and Ford Foundation
  • Main takeaway: Immigrants have heterogeneous wage effects across the US wage distribution.